Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Party

1 Presentation is key! Coordinate colors, invites, decorations, favors, and food for a celebration your friends won’t forget.
2 Fail to plan, plan to fail. Start planning for your party at least a month in advance to ensure a successful event.
3 Personalize your party. Put your special stamp on your shindig by using DIY decorations and creating signature sips and apps.
4 Ask for help. Close friends and family are there to lend a hand and leave you time to de-stress before your guests arrive.
5 Don’t let your guests go hungry! Plan for three beverages per person and four to six appetizer bites per person, per hour.
6 Get your guests mingling. Group activities, great music, and lots of food can help turn your gracious guests into fast friends.
7 Make a budget and stick to it. Our budget tool can help!
8 Don’t be afraid to CIY (Craft It Yourself). There are lots of ways to make your own decorations and party favors.
9 Be yourself! Don’t change your persona just because you are the party host. Relax and have fun!
10 Remember to thank your guests and to email them pictures after the party is over.

Stain Saver

Oh no — you just pulled out your favorite item and notice a stain! Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Rub the stain with chalk and then wash as you normally would. Amazing!

Pimple Go Away!

It's the night of the big party and you have a zit? Don't worry. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one ounce of water and then apply it to the pimple with a cotton ball. Repeat several times during the day. It makes the swelling go away!

Fresh Flowers

Want to make sure your flowers stay fresh? Drop a penny and a pinch of sugar into your vase of water.