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Planning Perfect Parties

The Girls’ Guide to Fun, Fresh, Unforgettable Events

Author: Jen Jones Donatelli

ISBN: 978-1-62370-063-8 (Paperback)


Create the party everyone will be talking about! Planning Perfect Parties is a girls’ guide to planning fun, fresh and unforgettable events. Get great party inspiration and ideas for more than 10 outrageously fun themes including Party Like a Rock Star, Pamper Me Pretty, ‘Stache Bash and more. Use this website to get additional content to help plan and execute the ultimate party. Find shopping lists, customizable invitations, and blogs to share party ideas with other teens around the globe. Remember, there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Craft it yourself

Other Books in the Craft It Yourself (CIY) Brand

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Dessert Designer: Creations You Can Make and Eat!

Author: Dana Meachen Rau

ISBN: 978-1-62370-006-5


Design and decorate like a pro with no baking skills required! Using premade cupcakes, cookies, and cake, kids of all ages will learn tips and tricks for creating whimsical, inspiring, and utterly gorgeous desserts. It’s deliciously fun!

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Fashion Forward: Creating Your Look With the Best of Vintage Style

Author: Liz Sonneborn

ISBN: 978-1-62370-062-1


Step into a thrift shop or your grandma’s closet, and you’ve stepped into a world of fashion possibilities. Learn how to wear those fashion finds or how to create the looks yourself. From styling finger waves in your hair to creating your own pill box hat, let your look build on the best fashions from decades past. Go retro with style!

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Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share

Author: Gail D. Green, Kara L. Laughlin, Jennifer Phillips

ISBN: 978-1-62370-004-1


Paper is not just for drawing! Budding artists use paper to create everything from lanterns to picture frames. Simple, step by step instructions and big, full color photographs help readers maximize their potential.

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Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet)

Author: Jen Jones, Carol Sirrine

ISBN: 978-1-4296-6637-4


Teens with a passion for crafts and our planet will love this book! Transform torn jeans into a fashionable new purse, make an old t-shirt into a chew toy for your dog, or use bottle caps to make a picture frame. With easy instructions and inspiring photographs of finished projects, Re-Craft provides the earth-minded reader with creative ways to be green, look good and have fun.

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Fashion Drawing Studio: A Guide to Sketching Stylish Fashions

Author: Mari Bolte

ISBN: 978-1-62370-005-8


Featuring step-by-step sketches and easy-to-follow illustrations, this bind-up gives aspiring designers a look into fashion-forward clothing trends including Rock Star, Girly Girl, Hollywood, Harajuku, American Girl, and Skater Chic. Tips, techniques, and the perfect outfit accessories make this book the perfect inspiration for the future fashion designer.

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Paint It: The Art of Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, and Watercolors

Author: Mari Bolte

ISBN: 978-1-62370-009-6


Any master starts at the beginning. Dip your brush into oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints, and sharpen your pastels. Develop essential techniques that will propel your art from scribbles to masterpieces.