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Striped Sleepover Bag

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

large mailing sticker

canvas tote bag

masking tape


acrylic or fabric paints in three different colors


Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Place mailing sticker in the top center front of the bag. Press down firmly.
  2. Lay masking tape diagonally along the front and back of the tote, leaving equally sized stripes in between. Press down firmly on all of the tape.
  3. Paint the exposed parts of the bag with one color of fabric paint. Be careful not to let any paint soak through the masking tape. Let bag dry.
  4. Tape off the edges of the bag by the handles. Paint the handles with the second paint color. You may need to let one side dry before painting the other side.
  5. After the paint has dried, remove the tape and sticker.
  6. Lightly draw your letter of choice in the rectangle left behind by the mailing sticker.
  7. Paint your monogram in your chosen color. Let dry.
  8. Use your third paint color to add polka dots around the rectangle. Or make dots or narrow pinstripes in between the painted stripes.
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