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Orange You Glad

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

1 ¾-inch wide crepe paper streamers

wired silk flower stems

double-sided adhesive tape

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Cut 10 heart shapes from crepe paper. Make sure the tops and bottoms of the hearts are cut along the crepe paper roll edges.
  2. Press both thumbs into the center of one heart. Pull gently with your thumbs to form a rounded petal shape. Repeat with the other hearts.
  3. Cut a 4-inch piece of crepe paper. Loosely fold it in half lengthwise. Place a ½ inch strip of tape at one end of a wire stem. Loosely roll the crepe paper around the stem to form the flower center. Pinch the base of the paper, and add more tape strips as you roll.
  4. Add a strip of tape around the base of the bud. Attach a petal, covering the base of the bud and squeezing the base of the petal to create a tight petal shape. Add another petal, positioned so it slightly overlaps the bud base and first petal. Continue attaching petals, one at a time, adding more tape as needed, pinching the base, and shaping the petals with your fingers.
  5. Cut off a 3-inch section of green crepe paper. Cut two leaf shapes out. Use your thumbs to form a concave shape in these too. Use tape to attach the leaves to the flower stem just under the petals.


This craft, like many others, is easily customizable to a single color or theme. Paper, food coloring, candy melts, sprinkles, straws, cupcake wrappers, balloons, and other party decorations come in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Choose your favorite, or celebrate them all at once!
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