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A Scream in the Dark

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Use blacklight-sensitive neon acrylic paint for this recreation of Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream. This paint can be mixed, but will glow the brightest if used straight from the bottle.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Paint the sky, water, and rough shape of the bridge. Keep your strokes bold and abstract.
  2. Add the scream character, starting with basic white and black.
  3. Build the bridge railing. Start with the darkest colors and work toward the lightest.
  4. Use yellow to add highlights to the sky, water, and bridge.
  5. Add final touches to the water, the scream character, and the bridge railing.
  6. Because fluorescent paint is not lightfast, varnish with UltraViolet Light Stabilizers (UVLS) if desired.


For an extra challenge, use invisible UV paint. This paint brushes on clear, but glows brightly under UV light.

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Glow Stick Chandelier

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Lava Lamp